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We provide quality platinum, gold, and silver casting using the latest over-pressure technology or with an induction spin casting machine. All castings are inspected under magnification, burnished rolled and steel tumbled. 



This is where we had our beginnings and still excel. If it can be fixed we can fix it. Boasting over 150 years of bench experience with our small staff, quality repairs have always been a focus. Utilizing a laser, difficult sizings, retipping work and antique restoration are our specialties.



We offer both computer and fiber laser engraving to engrave just about anything you can throw at us. We don't currently offer in-house hand engraving, everything else we have covered.



Using almost every software package available our designers can create CAD models from traditional mountings to intricate sculpted pieces. We are not limited by a single software's limitations. Experience ensures a quality model both in aesthetics and functionality.


We utilize 3 technologies to produce castable models. A Solidcsape printer, a resin printer, and a CNC mill. All have their strengths and weaknesses, we can produce a model that is best for any project.


Our 3D scanning uses the latest technology to create 3D models. It's most common use is to scan an engagement ring to then 3D model a fitted wedding ring.

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