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How can I submit models for rapid-prototype?

Files can be emailed to or uploaded through the private section of the site for active accounts. We are able to accept most types of files for prototyping including .3DM, .STL, .OBJ, .SLC, .3DS as well as Space Claim and ArtCam files. The preferred method is .3DM, this gives us the most flexibility to prepare models for printing or milling.

What are your Charges for Printing & Milling?

We charge a very competitive price for the services we offer. The complete price-list is available to active customers via the private section of the site. Please e-mail for pricing information.We print most pieces at a high resolution .025mm per slice and mill at a fine stepover for the smoothest finish. Our goal is to exceed your expectations with 100% satisfaction.

How can I estimate cost of a project?

We can provide a free estimate based on the details you provide. The better the details the better we can provide an accurate estimate. If you have an active account you can gain access to our online price list. This part of the site is for active accounts only, it provides not just pricing but several helpful resources including real-time job status to know exactly where a project is in the production process.

Will you do just part of a project?

Yes. We can handle any part or all of your design process, from a CAD file and/or rendering to a completed finished piece ready for delivery. We can just supply a raw casting of your wax or supply you with a castable wax for you to cast. Whatever phase you need us we can complete.

Will you cast a wax that we provide?


Will you cast with my metal?

We are happy to cast with your metal. There are a few things to keep in mind when doing so. First, we will not quality stamp any piece unless we either provide the metal or the metal you provide is from a reputable supplier and is sealed in its packaging with karat labeled. Secondly, we can not guarantee the quality of the casting unless we provide the metal. You need to provide enough metal to complete the casting, thus includes both extra metal for spruing and the push metal. If providing platinum regardless of the casting a minimum of 20 DWT is needed.

Do you have a minimum order?

No. Our focus is on providing quality pieces for stores that can't do there own custom work but we can handle larger production runs as well.

What is your typical turnaround time?

For CAM services 1-5 days depending on several factors including the style of piece and CAM method. For CAD design services 1-2 weeks. Casting services are 1-3 days for gold and silver casting. Platinum and palladium 3-5 days. Stainless steel 3-7 days. For setting and repair work typically 1 week. Many factors can affect turnaround time as always if you have a deadline please confirm we can meet it.

Do you provide renderings for 3D models?

Yes, we will provide a 3D rendering of any model we design. However the renderings we provide are for approval purposes and will tend to look a little harder edged, prongs also will typically look taller. Photo-realistic renders can be provided if necessary but models need to be designed differently for realistic rendered pieces versus pieces ready for manufacturing so additional charges may apply.

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